Advocating for Masters Level Psychologists Across Kansas​​
About KAMP

The purpose of KAMP shall be to :

  1. Promote and provide professional identity for masters level psychologists and ensure equal representation at the legislative and practice level for our membership.
  2. Advocate for uniform ethical standards of training and practice and publish those standards on our webpage.
  3. Encourage legislative recognition of all competent psychologists to increase high quality, affordable psychological and other mental health services
  4. Promote relevant education and effective programs to address social issues, and Use science to guide our organization's positions on appropriate clinical practice.

KAMP is committed to the practice of "psychology in the public interest," based in science and available to those who will benefit from it, and to use psychology to improve lives and to strengthen our communities.

Where consistent with its purposes, KAMP will:

  1. Make public statements based on its values and purposes.
  2. Promote a scientific and public interest approach to the activities of all individuals trained in psychology
  3. Engage in other forms of advocacy in the public interest.
  4. Hold an annual convention for purposes of continuing education.
“It was the only organization that was specifically for the masters level psychology people. I wanted my money to be spent getting licensure and working on 3rd party reimbursement for our services. KAMP has been working hard to make this all a reality since we began in 1993."
-Elaine Hayes (KAMP Secretary/Treasurer)